14 June 2020

Been busy

I've been busy on the air!  I've been doing a lot of digital modes as of late but still making a few SSB contacts here and there.  Been cleaning up the shack, rearranging things, doing little stuff to keep me busy.  I switched my shack computer back to Windows 10 and installed all of my favorite software.  I even installed Echolink and RMS Express (Winlink) finally.  So far, so good.  Getting ready for Field Day.  I am considering going to a Field Day setup with a local club but it all depends if I can get a ride there and how the weather is.  If not, I'll run Field Day from home.  This year, for the first time, I'll give digital modes a try for Field Day.
I have been working on writing some software also.  I found a very nice bearing calculator that was originally written in Turbo Pascal in 1993 and even got a write-up in QST that year that is public domain.  I am working on cleaning up the code and I'm going to recompile it for 32-bit Windows, 32-bit OS/2, and 16-bit DOS.  There's nothing really like this around that can do what this software can.  The original code compiles nicely without any modifications but the source code is messy so I'd like to clean it up and optimize things if I can.  I'll then release it as public domain again so more amateurs can enjoy this software.

Oh yes, I'll compile it for Linux also.  I just need to install Debian via WSL and then fire up Free Pascal.  This would be great for Linux also.  This will be a static build without any dependencies.

Another program I am working on is a simple "holiday-style" console mode (text-based) logging program.  Nothing fancy but it will handle multiple logs, ADIF import and export, and the basic features with searching, editing, and printing.

I've also been busy calling CQ with Feld Hell, FSK Hell 105, and Olivia at various times of the day on 20 and 40 meters with varying success.

So there you have it.  Nothing huge going on but plenty of little things to keep me going.

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