01 May 2020

Antenna is almost finished

Dad and I got the antenna mounted on the shed today but by the time we were done, we were both completely exhausted.  We will shoot the other end into a tall tree tomorrow but for tonight, I tied that end to a branch on that tree about six feet off the ground.  I went into my shack, connected the antenna to my antenna matcher and switched it to bypass (no matching needed), and immediately worked PB5X in the Netherlands, 4207 miles east of me, on 14.194 with a full 59 signal both ways.  So I'm already thoroughly impressed!  I then worked GB1954PJ in Bristol, England, and then worked PV8AL in Brazil, both on 20 meters.

I'm quite happy.  It's nice to be back on the air with my own antenna!  I'll try to get pictures of the antenna in the morning when there's no glare behind the antenna.

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