11 April 2020

On the air

40 meters has been crazy busy today.  There's been several contests including the Georgia QSO Party going on.  I've had a lot of local QRM and I'm thinking it's from the neighbor's grow lights.  It is what it is and I am happy to get on the air.  My dad, KD7SXQ, has been letting me "borrow" his G5RV when he is not using it.  I really appreciate that.

I have been fighting with Windows 10 and drivers for the Prolific USB to serial chip driver so I decided to break down and buy a cable that uses an actual serial port instead to control my 718.  It was $15 new off of eBay.  Looking forward to using digital modes again.  Now that I have a good antenna I want to check into the weekly Feld Hell Club 40 meter net.  The NC doesn't live too far from me in North Carolina so it should be an easy check-in.

Though I will more than likely be operating from home this year, I am really looking forward to Field Day this year.  I am hoping by then I will have my own antenna up.  That's one contest that I really enjoy.  Fall and winter are contest season for me as several of my favorite om-air contests are held during that time.  Even the ones I win by accident!

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