14 April 2020

New antenna on the way

I ordered a 10-80 meter EFHW antenna from myantennas.com finally.  I am waiting for it to get shipped.  I can't wait to get a good antenna up permanently.  I've also been working on getting my 2 meter radio in the shack up and running.  It seems that propagation is getting better with the new solar cycle and that's exciting for me.

I'm working on getting my SignaLink SL-1+ set up with my IC-718 in the shack.  I need to call Tigertronics' tech support to ask a few questions about the right cable to purchase to work with the 718.  I'm looking forward to working the digital modes again especially Feld Hell.  I purchased a serial port CI-V control cable for the 718 as Windows 10 is playing games with the USB CI-V control cable I have.  I can't get Windows to behave with the drivers so I'll use the serial port.  The shack computer has a real serial port in it;—that's pretty rare these days—so I will take full advantage of it.

I'm also working on getting the shack cleaned up.  Somewhere around here I backed up my electronic log and I'm trying to find it.  I have a lot of tools and connectors I need to get organized.  It's fun to have something to do while I'm unemployed and being forced to stay home.

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