22 April 2020

New antenna arrived

My new antenna showed up today in the mail.  It's physically smaller than I thought but it's very well-built.  The factory was nice enough to install the connection kit parts to the transformer for me.  Here's what I received out of the box (my phone's camera isn't the best):

I'm going to mount the transformer on a 10' high piece of aluminum conduit that I'll be putting into a satellite dish tripod.  I ordered the tripod off of eBay (new) and it should be here sometime either before or on Monday April 27.  Dad and I will attach the tripod to the shed's roof and shoot the wire over one of our trees.  Really looking forward to getting this done and back on the air on my own.  I'll make sure to take pictures with my regular 16MP digital camera (Canon Powershot A810).

I've also decided to move my shack computer back to Slackware Linux.  I couldn't believe how many problems I had with my SignaLink SL-1+ with Windows 10.  It wasn't the SignaLink's fault; it was Microsoft's for making such a lousy sound system where you can't control individual components unless you install third-party software.  Yes, I have all of my nice N3FJP software that I registered but I think I'll set up a Virtualbox VM with Windows 7 Professional that I have registered (and yes, I'll harden it before I let it connect to the Internet ... it's much safer in a VM than on its own) for the N3FJP software when I need it.

I'm also going to be backing out of social media.  I'm getting burnt out on Facebook and Instagram though I do enjoy Twitter since it's short, like my attention span.  I'm wanting to get out more on the air, check into more nets, and try working more digital modes.  I'd also like to try my hand at learning CW.  I have plenty of time to do it now.  I am hoping that now that Tennessee is "reopening" after the COVID-19 issue that I will be able to get the reconstructive surgery I really need on my right foot, get healed up, and get back to work.  My life is basically on hold right now and it's driving me nuts.

One of my goals is to get an ICOM IC-7100 for the shack.  That will save me a lot of room and once I do get my own place, even if it's small, I'll be able to have a small shack even if it's hidden away in a closet or cabinet.

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