23 October 2015

Lotsa DX

The bands have been good for me lately.  Worked a station in St. Lucia and heard Benin again but didn't try to work him.  I've partially constructed the new G5RV Junior but now I just have to get my dad to cut out a piece of polycarbonate for me to use for the center piece.  I forgot how easy it was to build the antenna.  Once I get that done, I'll wind up putting the G5RV Junior where the 20 meter dipole is.  At least I'll be able to work 40 meter on it now.  I've heard you can't tune a G5RV Jr. to work on 30 meter but it doesn't bother me since I don't do data anyhow.

I have a spot where I'd love to put the new antenna away from line noise and whatnot, but I need about 200 feet of coax to do that.  A little cost-prohibitive for me right now so I'll just put it where the current antenna is, line noise and all.

It still makes me shake my head listening to some of these pileups recently.  Such boorish behavior and it bothers me because of the poor operating, I don't get a chance to try to break in.  I am not a "big gun", running a $30,000+ station with a big Yagi.  I just run barefoot at 100W or less on a little wire antenna.  Yet it's okay for them to key up and step all over those of us who aren't cheating by using a big amp.  Oh well.

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