19 October 2015

Bands open today

I've been trying to work TY2CD in Benin and D4D in Cape Verde but unfortunately, due to the boorish behavior by amateur radio operators with amplifiers and people shouting their callsign four times in a row, I decided to go do something else.  I did, however, work VK2015TDF in Perth, Australia, Friday evening which was 10,125 miles away from me.  That was a new personal record for a QSO for me.  I'm kinda tickled about it.  Now to get a job so I can afford to start sending off all of these QSL cards!

More follows...

I cut the wire for the "arms" of the G5RV Junior today.  Dad not only helped me straighten out the wire and get it cut correctly, he managed to find two plastic antenna insulators for the antenna ends and a used silver-plated SO-239.  Needless to say, I'm rather happy about this.  He is going to cut me a "center" for the antenna; it's a little T-shaped piece of Plexiglas.  This antenna ought to be good for quite some time, I hope.  I might see if I can find a discarded insulin strip bottle (they are good because they are UV-resistant) and mount the SO-239 on one end and cut a slit for the antenna line to go through the other.  I can then fill that up with hi-temp glue from my big glue gun and that should last a very long time.

I also worked some of the ARRL School Club Roundup today.  Worked three or four stations from all over the US.  I enjoy doing something like that because I hope the participants at the school either get their license or are encouraged to upgrade.

For now though, a little rest and dinner.  I might get on the air again tonight.

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