10 July 2020


I checked my email this morning and my new amateur radio license was waiting for me.  I am now KS4TD.  After 23 years, I decided to change my callsign since I have lived in 4 land for close to 20 years now.  So I am beginning the process of changing everything over ... and there is a lot to do.  The FCC public database is lagging behind so if you look up my new call right now, it will show that it's expired from a ham (former ham) in Columbia, TN.  I'll start to use my new call immediately.  Yes, those are my initials ... STD.  Yes, haha, I get the joke but remember when I was born, those initials didn't have a negative stigma attached to them.  But still, I'm proud of my name, so my callsign is mine.  Now I won't confuse people by being a 5 call in 4 land either.

09 July 2020


I have been receiving a lot of QSL requests for contacts I made in contests or in weekly nets, especially via eQSL.  I do not count contacts made during contests or nets as part of my normal contact log so please do not send me confirmation requests for those types of contacts.  If, during a contest, we're in a QSO, please ask me to do a separate contact for your purpose (DXCC, grid square, et cetera) and I will be happy to do that and log it.

03 July 2020

Week of contests

So, after Field Day, I've participated in the RAC Canada Day contest (my first time; enjoyed it; adding it to my calendar) and am now in with the 13 Colonies contest which is going well.  I've worked 11 out of the 13 stations and the bonus WM3PEN station ... now to work VA and NJ then try to grab the GB13COL (in England) bonus station ... another clean sweep!  I've participated in the 13 Colonies contest since it started twelve years ago off and on and, save for the boorish behavior of way too many contest participants, have had a lot of fun with it.

28 June 2020

Field Day 2020

I was going to join my local club for Field Day this year but I wasn't (and am still not) feeling so well with my broken foot.  I decided to stay home but I had the most successful solo Field Day operation yet.  I submitted my entry form online and have a total combined score of 284.  Not a huge score but I worked hard for with with the lousy propagation and working conditions during the contest.  Keep reading for a full breakdown and a map of the sections I worked.

21 June 2020


I just contacted a station that was activating a nature preserve in Indiana for Parks On The Air.  He was getting some steam going with people contacting him then some idiot started tuning up on top of him for no reason at all; this was malicious interference and not someone being an idiot just for tuning on top of a frequency in use.  The activating station gave up and shut down because of the malicious interference.  I cannot understand why these jackasses have a license only to run around QRMing everyone they think they don't like.  It makes me upset to hear that happening and it's happened to me before for no reason.

That's why I adhere to the DX Code of Conduct.  I give other amateur radio operators the same respect I want them to give me.  However, in today's world, it seems there's little respect to go around, especially in amateur radio, and it's really disheartening to see that.

14 June 2020

Been busy

I've been busy on the air!  I've been doing a lot of digital modes as of late but still making a few SSB contacts here and there.  Been cleaning up the shack, rearranging things, doing little stuff to keep me busy.  I switched my shack computer back to Windows 10 and installed all of my favorite software.  I even installed Echolink and RMS Express (Winlink) finally.  So far, so good.  Getting ready for Field Day.  I am considering going to a Field Day setup with a local club but it all depends if I can get a ride there and how the weather is.  If not, I'll run Field Day from home.  This year, for the first time, I'll give digital modes a try for Field Day.

24 May 2020

Caught up

I finally uploaded to LoTW and eQSL my logs for the past few days.  I've been busy elsewhere and just fell behind.  I have several direct and bureau DX QSL cards to work on as well.  I'll try to get to those tomorrow.  There's been a lot of good DX popping up all over the bands lately.  I use dxspots.com for my DX cluster and hamspots.net/hell for my Feld Hell spotting.  It's nice having a working station again.


I checked my email this morning and my new amateur radio license was waiting for me.  I am now KS4TD.  After 23 years, I decided to change m...