15 October 2015

A little more housecleaning

I decided to update and clean up my ham radio website.  In order to keep maintenance between my profiles on QRZ.com, QRZCQ.com, and HamQTH.com simple, I put everything back on my ham radio website and pointed visitors to my various profiles to check out the website.  You can check out the website yourself at http://www.qth.net/kd5col/.  I also put up pictures of my shack and my antenna, however, they're of dubious quality, so I'll dig out my actual digital camera sometime this weekend and take some nicer pictures.

I came back in from a trip to town today, turned on the radio, and there was FM5FJ calling from Martinique, so I worked him and got a new country into my log.  It seems the bands have been opening up more and more now that the geomagnetic storm has been calming down.  I think I have everything to build another G5RV Junior and I hope I can do so.  I just need to find my 100W Weller soldering gun and my hot glue gun to do so.

It's nice being active on the air again.  I've really missed it for the past few years.  I just hope I can find a place to live that will allow me to keep an antenna up full-time...

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