23 September 2014

Cleaning up the log...

I moved my ham radio activity from a desktop computer to my little but useful Gateway LT31 netbook.  In the midst of doing this, I discovered much to my dismay that my paper log and computer log were missing hundreds of calls I'd thought I'd recorded.  Thankfully, many of them are on my QRZ logbook but until I can afford to get a subscription, I can't download the ADI file from there.  So it looks like it's going to be a very long reconciliation process between the paper log and XMLog, the logging software I decided to use because it's very simple.  Hopefully I can keep everything straight from now on.

I found all of my QSL cards in a damp box in my storage room (there was a roof leak).  Thankfully none of them were damaged.  Now I get to go through those and verify each and every one.  I guess I learned my lesson about sloppy log keeping.  Hopefully now I'll get everything straightened out.

I haven't had a chance to work on the antenna support poles.  We've been busy.  I've been moving stuff stored in three locations into a single storage room as well as going through and getting rid of the trash and unwanted stuff.  I've got to make my entire life fit in a 5'x10'x8' room!  It's not too hard, just time-consuming.  Hopefully once my life gets a little more settled, I can start to work on trying to set up a permanent station somehow.

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