15 May 2013

Starting over again

I was looking through my logbook last night and I realized that I am missing a lot of contacts I've made over the past six months or so.  Sloppy record keeping on my part and being lazy about backing up my computerized log books have caused this to happen, so I'm starting over again, inputting all of what I have in my paper log into DX Keeper which is part of the DX Labs Suite that I use here in the shack.  It's going to be a slow process but I'd better get things back to normal.

The bands have been good lately for me even though I'm having to work through all of my local QRM due to the power lines.  In the past couple of days, I've worked Croatia, Ireland, Sardinia, and for the first time Finland.  My G5RV Junior is working again after I switched out the coax going to the antenna.

Last Sunday, I helped my dad put up a Super Loop 80 at his house and I was impressed.  I'm thinking I'll be looking at getting a Super Loop 40--I don't have room for a Super Loop 80 at my place--to put up instead of the G5RV Junior.  Dad's first contact was a station in Japan on 20 meters with the new antenna which is better than what I'm doing here; it seems that all of my contacts are generally in Europe, Russia, or Asia.

Now that I've set up a new shack computer, I've been getting the bug to get on the air more.  Just that damn local QRM, which isn't going to be fixed sadly, dampens my enthusiasm a lot.  Nothing like listing to a raw 60 Hz buzzsaw at S9+ levels while trying to hear what is to me a faint station.

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