16 May 2013

Good DX tonight

I got home from school and wanted to relax a bit, so I decided to try to work some DX.  I fired up SpotCollector (part of the DXLab Suite), put in some needed information, and started watching the DX spots come up.  Everything was in the 20 meter band tonight and I wound up working stations in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Venezuela—all countries I’ve never worked before—and getting 59 reports from all of them.

If I didn’t have that damn power line noise killing my receive audio, I’d probably have worked several other weak stations I could barely make out over the “wall of noise” I have to contend with.  Still, being able to work such distant stations is fun.  That’s one thing that never ceases to be fun: being able to talk to stations all over the world sitting here in my little shack in the house.  I can’t wait to have my own place in a nice electrically quiet area where I can put up a few good sized antennas.  I have a 50’ tower sitting in sections at my parents’ home just waiting for me to put an antenna on once I can put the tower up.  I can’t wait!

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