18 May 2013

Bands have been good

I worked Algeria the other night which was a good catch for me.  I also worked a station in the Netherlands which isn’t a new place for me but I don’t get to work it very often.  I’ve been good and logging everything in my computerized log but I need to write everything down in my paper log (yes, I still have a paper log; paper remembers so you can forget).  I’ll do that later today.  Right now just getting the shack computer up and running the way I want it.  I’ve discovered that DOSbox works very nicely under Windows XP with the programming software for my Motorola Radius GP 300 handheld that I use on 2 meters.

The bands are quiet right now so I guess I’ll head off and get some other work done.  I’m really enjoying getting active back on the air though.

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